A lifetime love of dance, movement and somatics.

I have trained with some of the most respected teachers of dance/body work and have taught most of my adult life. What matters to me is practice; an on-going commitment to movement literally and metaphorically leading towards spontaneous and conscious expression.

With this goes a desire to find openness and a way in which we can form and be informed simultaneously and try and understand each other in a more intuitive way. Not grasping but yielding offers us the possibility for adaptable bodies and minds and the opportunity for change.

I am choreographer, performer, director and facilitator of cross art form specialising in devising, dance, physical theatre and improvisation. I've trained extensively with Action Theatre originator Ruth Zaporah, a feisty dynamic artist who is able to artfully play with all the manifestations of the mind. More than anything she taught me to to trust my body and to invite my mind to come play. Consciously looking for gleeful abandonment and otherness.

Der Faden (The Thread) 2016

A collaborative film and performance installation.

I spent time watching the meticulous movements of the weavers at the Banderweben museum in Elfringhausen all of them now in their 80s.

This combined with memories of my father who spent a lifetime developing and selling Jacquard weaving machines. So, to use a much overused metaphor, memory and direct experience wove together.

The piece became a requiem for my dad and for the declining weaving industry of the rural village... 

All images copyright 2016 Frances Anderson

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