We are here......

It was quite a ride going on a field trip with second year geography students. The video took a while to put together….and taken me even longer to get it to the blog space!

The experience of being at Blencathra was and still is moving in me and through me. It has influenced how I share ideas about moving, looking and being present

My field notes read

Being in a field

a field being ,being field

Being felt, a felt being

Being is feeling

Being is fielding feeling

I loved Maarten Van Hardenbroek’s comments after viewing the film that it made him see the peculiarity of field work through my eyes! He said he felt his “normal” suddenly get “weird” and strangely amusing. I liked this response… as a dancer in the geography department it was mainly me with the weird label . Rachel Woodward delighted in taunting me with her being a tree dance, she has clearly missed her vocation!

The field trip was an irresistible invitation to play with what was there to move and be moved by the majestic material that was on offer in that time in that amazing place. I hope that maybe the Geography department might use the We Are Here film now and then as a meditation on the aliveness of the land and the interplay of the inner and outer landscapes …a reminder to let ourselves be moved in mysterious ways !

With sincere thanks to Frances Anderson who not only captured the moment but was herself absorbed in the process of reciprocal watching and wondering