Dancing In The Here And Now

Years of practice, collaborative engagement, observation and listening have led to the development a particular approach to sharing dance with people living with dementia. The methodology is an intrinsic part of dynamic dementia, a creative and responsive movement based practice that meets you as you are and welcomes you home to yourself.

Dynamic Dementia is founded on a commitment to be at ease with whatever arises. I apply my skills of improvisation and somatic/sensory awareness to enable people to maximize their creative potential in the moment without fear or reservation. Enabling people living with dementia to celebrate and inhabit who they are NOW.

"I like the fact that there weren’t any constraints" 

"Its freedom , expressing yourself with  movement and shape, that’s how I feel and because we are in a safe environment"

"I have thoroughly enjoyed it. You have opened up new skills for everyone. We are all different here but we have all found a way to take part." 

Dynamic Dementia sessions are co-facilitated and directed by the participants enabling them to have choice and meaningful exchanges on their own terms. It is an involving person centred approach.

Dynamic Dementia dance sessions are inclusive, integrated and encourage everyone to be present to possibilities, the movement sessions are an intrinsic part of Dry Water Arts Curiosity Cafe.

(Please note that in the interests of best practice I do not publish photographs where informed consent is not available.)

Moving beyond the limits of labels.
Developing our awareness.
Making new connections.


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