Learning - A Different Approach

 I have developed a methodology, which invites learners/participants to source and to trust movement, ideas and questions which emerge from their own experiences and felt senses. I use a skillful blend of improvisation techniques, critical questions and attention to all the senses to create enabling and inviting child centred learning environments.

I encourage intuition, playfulness and a sense of knowing in your bones, developing greater awareness of self and and awareness and appreciation of others. Connected learning communities, working across ages to better understand each other.

What you teach and who you teach always teaches you. Learning is an ongoing experience, life is for living and for learning how to learn. 

I believe that the essential skill we need to teach is that of inner listening.
— paula turner
When you learn about yourself from yourself, out of that learning, wisdom comes.
— Krishnamurti
“Normally in school you get told about stuff but we had the actual experience of feeling what it is like outdoors and what nature is like. We are learning a lot through sharing knowledge and trying things out.  Having an artist in school is good, my school is very lucky.”
— Brian (aged 11)

Marine Park Primary School

I  am lead artist at this wonderful school in South Shields working with children, parents and staff to find ways to get “curiouser and curiouser” about learning for life. 

"Paula's openheartedness, acceptance and respect for all our children coupled with her professionalism and understanding of children's development has not only enriched our children's lives and their learning but also the lives and learning of all the families and community at Marine Park.
She encourages, challenges and allows time for children and adults to be curious and experience just being and realise their own potential. She has opened doors and experiences which have enabled and allowed all to enjoy their own natural curiosity, learn from it and for the children to become well rounded individuals we are all so proud of"

 Alison Burden | Head Teacher Marine Park Primary School


Student Feedback

"I have gained confidence, this means I can speak to new people and have eye contact. Some of the stuff the elders told me really made me laugh and the jokes that they told me.  I would definitely go back and do it all again. It was the best experience of my school life."
"I have laughed a lot, it was really fun and I enjoyed everything about it. It was not only helping them but it was helping us as well"


I have worked as a visiting lecturer at Sunderland and Northumbria Universities delivering modules on Performance, Physical Theatre and Choreography. More recently I have been offering workshops which combine my own love of dance and improvisation with the fundamental skills of participatory arts. 

Feedback from of Performing Arts students at Northumbria University.

"The workshop with Paula was wonderful!  Her work with dementia and different ages groups was particularly interesting and she had all of us captivated from the start"
"Paula made us feel very relaxed really quickly and it was a style of workshop I haven't really experienced before and would be open to trying again, I liked how we explored being close to each other and how though we'd never met or really spoken before we were all very comfortable being so close to each other, for example the work when we had to bunch together and the work where we actually took time to look at one another"
"Paula created a safe space and environment to freely explore our own physical movement, as well as a place to let us express ourselves outside of any kind of judgement from others or ourselves. The workshop was useful,helpful and energetic and will help towards my platforms performance."

“ Paula Turner is an artist and facilitator of exceptional humanity and vibrancy whose work is characterised by empathy with people and appreciation of their abundant creative potential. It is always a joy to work with Paula as laughter and positivity flow from everything she does. Paula is a powerhouse of inventive ideas. Her passion for life, arts practice and collaborative working enable her to create deeply enriching experiences”
— Liz Pavey - Senior Lecturer of Dance | University of Northumberland

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