Listen more often .......

I have been "walking with" the children of Marine Park Primary School in South Shields for 12 years. I experience walking as a way of waking; waking up to our full embodied selves , to noticing what's really real..... saying less and listening more.

We spent a really, truly awake and fully  present time in woods near Brancepeth this week....walking, listening, sensing and feeling.... The fieldwork of the sensory reciprocal realm.

" I listened and the trees told me to be who I am" Jake 

With thanks to "Magnificent" Malcolm Green the bird-man  for his evergreen enthusiasm and for sharing his knowledge so generously.

Thanks also to Professor Rachel Woodward for this opportunity which has  so enriched and enlivened the children's experience of life

“The sensing body is not a programmed machine but an active and open form, continually improvising its relation to things and to the world”
— David abram