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Near to me...........


Great start to our Near and Far project with considerations of where we are and what is nearest to us.

It was important to get just the right position for maximizing thinking.

We also have a new term which relates to proximity "the silly near space "a relational concept which  can affect behaviour and the work ethic!  

"Don't sit next to the people who make you silly"

We therefore took our time to embody the particularities of how and where we wanted to respond, I call this a cartographers choreographic choice. The photographs above giving an indication of how varied these choices can be.

Great focus and concentration from the children and a wonderful commitment to listening and sharing. The children have a wonderful way of reminding me that I am not always as clear as I think I am being

As their teacher Lisa Johnson observed 

" It's not until you work with primary school children that you get a real insight into just how ambiguous life is" 

Dr Matt Jenkins found himself discovering strategies to explain metaphor, taking new routes to explain and clarify.

( Please click through photos)

In this very first session we are already gaining valuable insights into that which the children hold near and dear to them ..... that which they include and exclude, the public and the private.

Q What are maps?

 "A guide"

"Something which helps you if you get lost"

 "It tells you where to go - if you look at it it moves in your head"

Q: What can you map?:

An area - like a park

A person


The world ,treasure

Q: Why might a map be useful?

 To locate places

 A map could save your life

To help when you are lost

 Useful for games  

To build something -  like when you open a box it's showing you what to do 

On sensory/somatic mapping:

It felt weird

 You notice things more

 I feel pain in my legs now