Under Lab conditions - Procedural Placement

Kate and I have a long history of  parallel playing with placement. One of our most memorable pieces being Place plaice which  involved the strategic placement of plaice ( yes the fish) and large amounts of salt in various places. It was a playful multi layered meditation on the marking of time and place and the lingering traces of memory


Our work with objects means allowing ourselves to be absorbed  and open to the parallel world of our imaginations, embodying what it is that whispers to us and suggests itself.

A chance to experiment in the sieving lab was very inviting, not least because artists and makers are often invited to  participate in "creative labs" but this one had really great stuff already in situ! 

 The particularities of the  environment and its objects meant that other possibilities and dimensionalities became possible as we re-purposed the space to suit our imaginings.

 We managed to make space to mutually inhabit, finding  ways to reconfigure/re-use and re purpose the objects and the spaces between.

We could have played all the day long..... embodying that which arose, engaging, inviting  and accepting impulses.

It was  somehow fitting as I draw toward the  end of the Leverhulme residency to find a way of bringing human and physical geography together ; exploring the otherness of objects framed by the Lab conditions and our lab coat " costumes" , the ticking and whirrings of measurements and data fizzing through the background space.