Bloody artists and the sweet alchemy of sound.

A bone chilling atmospheric day of filming with composer John Kefala Kerr as part of Blood Choir

The ever adventurous Voices of Hope were totally committed as they shivered, sang and literally bled for their art!

Fascinating insights into the body's capacity to transform and transmute. An eclectic array of food stuffs were consumed and as blood sugar levels rose they were monitored and assigned a musical note.

To hear the chemical processes made manifest in sound in this way was compelling and unnerving.....the voice of hidden otherness breaking through. I frequently use the phrase " listen to your body's voice" and today I heard that voice in a new and captivating way.

An exploratory and participatory creative process by John Kefala Kerr, formed from his direct experience of living with diabetes.........sweet in the best sense!

Photography by Leva Kerr