Not not looking, becoming and unbecoming.

A quick trawl through my blog posts will reveal my ongoing interest in the "place with the big table" . It is a curious place with all of its comings and goings, automated talking doors , lifts , openings ,closings, hello's and goodbyes. Although it is characterized by a certain restlessness it also affords  a place to pause and re orientate: the solid functionality of that wonderful table holding  and shaping  the space, like a bass note , calling us to a reminder of community, to sit together, to is a space between here and there.

Over the course of  a day fellow dance artist Kate Willis and I played with being in the space along with a few objects which reflected something of our felt response to being there, betwixt and between, seen and unseen, tending and attending to the moment, the people and the place.

I had in mind a loose structure of the liturgy of the hours which reflected the ways in which Kate and I waxed and waned , appeared and disappeared, watched and were watched

"The threshold is a constrained site which gathers people together, channeling their movement, focusing their attention and forcing them into close contact with others. It is a passage, a transitional place where people spend time. It is a space set apart from the wider public realm where people can control their level of exposure to others. The passage across a threshold also frames people’s emergence from private spaces into the public realm; it is a site of new stimulations. And yet a threshold always remains both-and, in-between, inside and outside, a loose mix of  two different environments. Quentin Stevens (The Ludic City)

Prime is the first of five movement scores