Time on and in our hands

(Photography Frances Anderson)

 My first  ever coring experience was earlier this year in Blencathra, I found it exciting and strangely moving. To begin with I loved the pure physicality of the procedure ,the choreography of coring with its positioning ,twisting, turning, and then all the pulling and heaving. It really is deep down and dirty!!

There was a gradual sense of connecting deeper , touching time , and a profound sense that all my durational work was a bit of a joke in comparison to this drawing up of layers of progressive accumulated moments. It made me reflect on the nature of time and how we value, miss and dismiss time, perhaps overlooking that which takes time, and that which holds experience within.

It was therefore a wonderful experience to take GGDC coring with the most enthusiastic of corers Dr Maarten ; to share knowledge and to appreciate the geography of generations.

The experience  has already affected our collective understanding of what it means to move in time . My much used invitation  to "connect to the ground beneath you" now has a whole other felt sense and association, this experience of coring on a sun dappled day will develop our work together and linger long in the memory

We get a whole lot deeper these days!!



Are we all mad? Course not. Cold, bright, sunny winter morning in the Borders. Beautiful light and colours. What could be better? Hard work getting through the layers of earth but it all makes sense seeing the changes, watching layers of time surface. Great explanations from Maarten. How does he manage to work in this icy cold mud without gloves? Can't help wondering what has taken place on this remote piece of land over the past thousands of years. Just have to remember when to turn clockwise and when to turn anti clockwise. Turning time... Great getting stuck in.      Cynthia

Deposited 14,000 years ago. Brought to the surface from Whitrig Bog near Melrose. Fired in Bensham Gateshead 29 November 2017 . Is this the start of another creative journey?   Linda

This was the best sort of seminar - the colours, the swans, the stuff. Would like to do a longer day of coring. Dr Maarten's experiences  of spaces and places are expanding our views . Felt good delving back in time, being in time"  Lillian