Stair Skylarks - "You can't see them.....but you can hear them"


Last week's  activation/observation and contemplation of being present in a "passing" space was full of richness, synchronicity and  exchanges......the poetry of everyday choreography. 

The task - to take an expedition to the geography department, to set up a base camp and engage with the natives. " Are you going to the top"?

All kinds of discussions ensued with a wonderful sharing of information and discussion of field trips and philosophical contemplation of ascending, do we all want to get to the top..and what is up there anyway??

 Not to mention that we had a team of security guards called out twice!

Maps were drawn, tea was taken, geography and life in general was embraced and discussed

This little snippet of film catches a moment of sharing the imagined soaring/ascent of a skylark.

What I love is the communication, the adaptation of the space and the movement simultaneously of body and imagination. Through it all Pauline the cleaner brings her steadying rhythm as she makes her way around, through and down the staircase...a departmental skylark going up and down....