Dry Water - Art Before Age

I am a founder member of Dry Water - Art B4 Age. This is an artist led company dedicated to working in participatory settings with people of all ages. We aim to put the heart into art embracing connections and possibilities. Dry Water provide exciting, open hearted inclusive workshops/residencies and trainings utilising, dance, theatre, visual arts and film.  

Visit the website for more information www.drywater.org.


Dwell was a collaboration between Dry Water and Grand Gestures Dance Collective. Telling the story of Judy, the last resident of Westminster Street, Gateshead, as it was demolished.

Murmuration & Improvisation.
Filmed by Frances Anderson on location in Northumberland. This film captures the in the moment felt response to a starling murmuration by dancers Kevan McGeever and Paula Turner. 

Passing. An improvised dance happening by Grand Gestures - Gateshead's dance company of Elders, facilitated by Paula Turner. Filmed and edited by Frances Anderson.