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Great to have this well thought through blog post by Helen Redfern on the Yogamatters blog.

A wonderful focus on Grand Gestures Dance Collective, what we do and what it means to us individually and collectively.

"This group is different from everything else"   
"I feel alive here. My mind is set free"

Present possibilities are what we are about. With thanks to Helen for taking the time to listen...

(I can't but help include a couple of the comments below from the article. This is why I do what I do)

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Hi Helen
I have just read your write up following your visit to Grand Gestures, you have told it as it is, life changing.

Linda McGeever
Hi Helen, have only just read your article, and wish to thank you for such a positive and truly understanding way in which you have portrayed what we are about in words, not an easy thing to do . We are always apprehensive when someone turns up to write about us . It is all too easy to be seen as some sort of exercise group, we could all go to the Leisure Centre for that, we all go to dance in our individual way be free and creative and learn so much from our fantastic Paula . Thank you, Linda

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