The sensationalist art of sitting

Sitting on a radical edge ....sensing deeply, seeing clearly

A great opportunity for me to collaborate with fellow dance artist and improviser Liz Pavey.

Attending to how we are in this moment continues to be my practice and my action research .

The process of sitting afforded us an opportunity to attend to the micro movements of the body, to watch our impulses and reactions come and go.

My intention was to instil in the dancers and myself a freedom to act but also the freedom not to have to.....

One watcher expressed it as

" A welcome sign of radicalism in an otherwise conservative performance scene" 

Whilst another puzzled over "why that man kept turning and could not sit down or be still"

How we watch those that are in the process of  moving and being still perhaps speaks of a desire to make experience match our ideas of how life should be rather than acceptance of how it is.

To improvise is a radical act, it is exposing ,exhilarating  and revealing if you take time to notice what it is you are noticing...

Heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude to Grand Gestures Dance Collective who continue to be intrigued, interested and inspired by the dance of .....NOW

Special thanks to visual artist /photographer Frances Anderson for her ability to capture the moment and for her continuing support.