Learning, Listening, Laughing, Living - Reflections on 8 years with Grand Gestures

They say what you teach teaches you and this is certainly true of my weekly engagements with Grand Gestures.

  • 352 classes

  • 26 dancers

  • 26 bodies of knowledge

  • 26 lives being lived

  • 26 ways of moving

  • Fuelled by 3 cafetieres, one large teapot, mixed nuts and an eclectic selection of biscuits!

So far, enthused and inspired by what it means to move and be moved we have developed distinct company practice methodologies. Not for us any slowing down, easing up or compromise, each week is a chance to experience new connections and the vibrancy of being.

Expectation, embodiment and aliveness right here, right now. It’s a challenge and a joy but above all a chance to experience the precious state of otherness. Fridays are our collective way to be totally ourselves, we are all individuals but at one and the same time we are connected.

Above all we know what it is to commune, to rest in the comfort of the wondrously present place that emerges Brigadoon like for two precious hours each Friday.
— Paula Turner

Paula Turner