Brief Encounters aka "Why is that there" a geographer ponders...

Being in a very large institution can be intriguing for one used  to practicing mainly in community halls, hospital wards, day centres, classrooms, gardens and fields.

I have clocked up miles wandering around and through and over and under the "territory" that I now call GPS (School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, keep up !)

I  even have  a desk, the first time since school that I have an assigned place to sit.

So far not much sitting has taken place but when faced with a vastness of possibility my response is to go small and use what is before me , as all good yogis know the macro is reflected in the micro.

My practice is shaped by an understanding that often quite fundamental experiential and perceptual change can be invited by attending to movement and physical sensation as they arise in the moment.  Geography has a core interest in bodily engagements with space and scale, corporeality and being in place.  One of my intentions is to take forward a number of different encounters between movement and geography.....with a lightness of touch and sense of play.

My first experiment with academics confronting an object in a new place!!