Blossoming Elderflowers

Look at elder flowers - they are a sign that pure creation takes place
— D.H. Lawrence

I have had the very great joy of working with the "Elderflowers"  in Pegswood, Morpeth since September 2015.

My role has been to introduce the group to a range of creative and reflective dance techniques, to encourage self expression and above all to enjoy time spent together.

They are a delightful group,all have lived rich and varied lives and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time with them.

I have gained so much from feeling the importance of place, community and friendships forged through time and experience.

They have about them a natural ease and grace that comes from a strong sense of knowing who they are…

Watching them tentatively try out new ideas has been a process of witnessing a gentle unfurling and realisation of their expressive capabilities.

The significance of small details, the myriad of nuanced meanings that accompany our understanding of what it means to be in "your place"...

The territory of our bodies...the company we keep , proximity and  the ways in which we feel comfortable have been fertile ground for me to explore with them the particularities of how we might choose to dance together...

We are about to embark on the next phase of our project which has been funded by Bait and will be a great opportunity to collaborate with fellow artists Emilyn Claid, Luke Pell and Lucy Cash.