My article"The art of lingering, loitering,meandering and mingling" features in - Ageing in Public.

In 2015 I  was invited to present at the Public Wisdom Conference , London . You can watch the slightly rushed presentation here ( check out the time signaller!!) we start at about 3mins and 45 secs in.

I think we managed to start a little improvised happening before we even got to the podium, I do like a bit of furniture re arrangement.

Public Wisdom is an action research programme that explores productive connections and relationships between older people and the public realm . An article based on the presentation has now been  published in "Ageing in Public".  Co authored with Dr Trish Winter it is entitled Passing: A Public Happening. The art of lingering, loitering, meandering and mingling with intent. My work continues to prod at assumptions made about age and ageing using a range of techniques which I refer to as being "politely subversive"

Many thanks to Daniel Baker and Cubitt Arts for their interest in my work, peer support and encouragement.