At the still point there the dance is
But neither arrest nor movement
And do not call it fixity
Where past and future are gathered
Neither movement from nor towards,
Neither descent nor decline
Except for the point, the still point
There would be no dance and there is only the dance.

T.S Eliot

Dancing toward the still point…..the point of stillness

paula beach collage 2.jpg

I often find it hard explaining what I do….it seems full of paradox.

I love moving….and yet I crave stillness and a sense of peace.

My work explores these things seriously but with a lightness of touch.

The bodymind as the territory...the landscape....the place of transformation and true knowledge
The love of working with others.
The importance of small changes.
Celebration of everyday beauty, inclusivity, gratitude and community....


In all my work I seek to find an inner space, an opening up and a settling inwards and this is what I hope to share with the many people I work with, to help people find a way of moving mindfully. It is less about arriving in a fixed pose but the journey there….like the breath we are always moving outwards and inwards….in a continual dance of stillness!!

My practice is the process of exploring outer to inner, inner to outer, sensitive to sensation finding spaciousness and contentment.

People are often surprised to learn that I work in this way within schools, care homes, hospices, universities…. with people who are young and with people who are old, with those who are fit and well and those who have limiting conditions…

When people take a moment away from their busy minds and take a breath……they know just what it is to be in a body, to be here and now and how utterly fantastically, liberating and relieving that can be.  I see the bodymind as a canvas - a shifting changing realm. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how I work please do get in touch:

Email or by phone 07815 520860. 


  • Churchill Fellow 2013 (Arts and Elders)
  • BA (hons) Dance 2.1
  • Post Graduate Diploma Dance, Laban Centre, London
  • Certified Kaizen coach

I have an ongoing commitment to professional development and have trained, devised and performed with professional performers and choreographers including;

  • Guy Dartnell  2007
  • Simon Whitehead 2007/2009
  • Goat Island 2000/2001/2003
  • Ruth Zaporah 2000/2003
  • Kirstie Simpson 1999/2003
  • Julyen Hamilton 1997/1998
  • Wendy Houston 1997
  • Yolande Snaith 1996/1997


Funded by Northern Arts from 1992, I devised and performed the following works which toured regionally and nationally.

  • Situation Vacant 1998
  • River River 1997
  • Hi 8 us 1996
  • Lifetyne 1995
  • Twiggs 1994
  • Playrite 1993
  • Georges 1992


    • 2015 Sense – Grand Gestures Dance Collective
    • 2014 Steamsong – Karaoke Opera company, Dramaturg
    • 2013 Passing - Grand Gestures Co of Elders.
    • 2013 Dance School Newcastle/Harriet Plewis
    • 2004-2007 PlacePlaice site specific with Kate Willis
    • 2004 Chaste – site specific with Kate Sweeney
    • 2003 Falling Home- Kate Sweeney
    • 2002 Passion- Karaoke Opera Company
    • 2001 Wedding Presence YOTA collaborative project.
    • 2000 Improvised Performances with Zap Theatre, San Francisco
    • 2000 Icon of the Nativity - Karaoke Opera Company, Dramaturg
    • 2000 Goats Head Loop – site specific with Topsy Qur’et
    • 1999 It’s alright, we’re ok, everything is good. Anatomy Performance Company, Glasgow
    • 1998 Shoes - collaboration with Pascale Konyn & Simon Tarrant
    • 1996 Chic Menagerie - Yolande Snaith
    • 1996 The Alternative Lecture Programme - collaboration with Trish Winter
    • 1995-1996 Dividing Selves - Northumberland Dance Projec


    Room for the Imagination | 2013
    Pilot training programme for care staff working with elders with dementia

    Creativity Matters | 2012 (ongoing)
    Dance performance project with independent Elders in the local community. Includes combined sessions in care homes working with residents with dementia.

    Dance Improvisation North East | 2012 (ongoing)
    Founder Member

    Dry Water Experimental Arts | 2005 (ongoing) 
    Founder Member

    Marine Park Primary School | 2004 (ongoing) 
    Atelierista. Artist researcher working with children and staff to devise meaningful teaching/ learning and child centred programmes. Responsible for community engagement programmes including annual celebrations of Light and flight working as both choreographer and installation artist

    Barnardos and Sure Start North East | September 2010-March 2011
    Commissioned early years projects to introduce the methodologies of child centred practice to parents and staff at a variety of settings. (DVD and report available)

    Greenfields Special School, Hebburn | September 2011
    C.P. Enquiry Project, working with every child in the school including the PMLD unit to find creative ways in which to engage the young people in creating a new outdoor interactive structure.

    Marine Park Primary South Shields | July 2010
    Weddings Project -Customs House and Marine Park Primary
    A multi cultural, cross arts exploration of Weddings/Rituals and relationships with students, parents and members of surrounding community

    Learning to Learn | March–June 2010
    Buddying Programme South Tyneside in ten educational settings to encourage parental engagement. Over 1000 children participated. The programme cited as an example best practice by the council. DVD and report available

    Artist Researcher, Transitions | May-July 2010
    Improving Practice and documentation in the Early Years
    Documentation and reflective practice pilot research programme in South Tyneside. Eight settings, working closely with staff to improve documentation tools using the methodologies and inspiration of Reggio Emilia and the Leuven Scale of Involvement. Report available

    Whitehouse Primary Stockton | May 2010
    Curiouser and Curiouser!
    C.P. Enquiry Project examining scientific enquiry and utilisation of local woodlands as inspiration for critical questioning.

    Glynwood Primary Gateshead | Jan-March 2010
    CP enquiry school project with children from behavioural unit.
    Using ritual and walking to engender awareness and to make connection with the landscape.

    Hastings Hill Primary Sunderland | Jan 2010
    Outdoor learning with Nursery, Foundation and Year 1
    Project to support staff in utilising the outdoor learning opportunities in and around their school.

    St.George’s Hospital, Morpeth | 2009
    Lead Artist
    A year long residency working on three wards with patients with dementia and two local schools with the aim of creatively exploring and understanding dementia, building community links and understanding

    Bullion Lane Primary | September-Dec 2009
    DALI (Dance and Learning Inspired) Project
    Commissioned by Dance City and documented and evaluated by Durham University. Delivered the entire curriculum through a range of non sedentary, highly physical practices.Report and DVD available

    Dubmire, Monument, Houghton le Spring and Easington Nurseries | 2009
    Dancing outside sessions for Sunderland Early Years Team

    Pennywell, Sunderland | 2009
    Child centred movement play and learning with a focus on meaningful mark making and documentation of early writing.
    DVD footage available

    Parental Engagement at Dunn Street Nursery, Jarrow | 2009
    Working with parents and children to explore mutually enjoyable play activities. Experimenting with ways in which to display work in child centred way.